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Weikem Soccer Camp

We’d like to welcome Weikem Soccer Campers to TGSC this weekend!

We hope you have a blast!  Weikem Soccer Camp


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Indoor Facility

Updated: July 28, 2015

  • The Indoor Complex is Open until 3 pm.

Outdoor Facility

  • Outdoor Fields are Open.

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USL Super Y League
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keepy Uppy Club



March 5, 2015

The following players have reached these levels in the Keepy Uppy program! Well done!

Level 1 (Over 10 juggles)

Hannah Woijeck – U9 Girls
Bryce Renz – U9 Boys
Christopher Wittman – U9 Boys
Kyle Nuerenberger – U9 Boys
Lulu Olszweski – U10 Girls
Abby Hammerberg – U11 Girls
Nick Bervillier – U11 Boys
Ryan McMullin – U11 Boys
Drew Roberts – U11 Boys

Level 2 (Over 25 juggles)

Lauryn Schwierjohn – U9 Girls
Mia Young – U9 Girls
Lydia Kotsis – U9 Girls
Ellen Dempsey – U10 Girls
Katie Arras – U10 Girls
Cooper Shinn – U11 Boys
Lauren Richards – U12 Girls
Reese Ormsby – U12 Girls

Level 3 (Over 50 juggles)

Kendall Fieste – U11 Girls
Erin Ihrig – U11 Girls
Addie Koenig – U11 Girls
Irena Malek – U11 Girls

Level 4 (Over 75 juggles)

Priyanka Mahadev – U11 Girls

Level 5 (Over 100 juggles)

Gracie Weinhold – U11 Girls
Katie Krech – U11 Girls
Max Pinkerton – U12 Boys

Level 6 (Over 250 juggles)

Jordyn Bailey – U11 Girls
Sarah Pisarek – U11 Girls

Level 7 (Over 500 juggles)

Jordyn Bailey – U11 Girls
Abby Jordan – U11 Girls

Level 8 (Over 750 juggles)

Abby Jordan – U11 Girls

Level 9 (Over 1000 juggles)

Abby Jordan – U11 Girls



Interested players may call (636) 939-5151 or contact Club Director, Tony Glavin at

  • Tristyn Hasmer & Raquel Rodriguez invited to USL Super Y Scouting Series!
    Full Story
    BIG CONGRATS to 2 of Our Tony Glavin SC Players, who have been playing with the St. Louis Lions Elite Academy/Super Y Summer Program! Tristyn Hasmer & Raquel Rodriguez have been invited to the USL Super Y Scouting Series! Check out the video here:’S GREEN & WHITE PROUD!Good Luck!
  • Celtic Fall Pre Season Tournament
    Full Story
    CELTIC FALL PRE SEASON KICK-OFFAugust 14,15 &16, 2015U9 – 6v6 - $475U10 – 8v8 - $475U11 – 8v8 - $525U12 – 8v8 or 11v11 - $525U13 & U14 – 11v11 - $525U15 through U18 Girls – 11v11 - $575 ONLINE REGISTRATION IS OPEN!For more information on any of our tournaments, please call (636) 939-5151 or email our tournament coordinator, DeeDee Rood at
  • Dr. Pepper Indoor Developmental Academy
    Full Story
    REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN, CLICK HERE!Boys & Girls, Ages 4-12 Years Join us in the Dr. Pepper Indoor Youth Skill Building/Developmental League! Dr. Pepper sessions are ran by Tony Glavin & Staff! FOR MORE INFORMATION, CLICK HERE. SESSION 1: OUTDOOR SOCCER (6 WEEKS) $130September 14, 2015 – October 23, 2015Includes 2 shirts & 1 pair of shorts.4-5 Year Olds 5V5 With Goalies: Practices 6pm Mondays, Games 5pm Fridays5&6 Year Olds 5V5 With Goalies : Practices 6pm Mondays, Games 5p
  • 33 Years of Summer Camps in St. Louis!
    Full Story
    TONY GLAVIN SOCCER CLUB, THROUGH OUR PARTNERSHIP WITH CELTIC FC AND THE ST. LOUIS LIONS, OFFER 2 GREAT SUMMER CAMPS TO CHOOSE FROM IN 2015!Celtic FC Camp offers high level camp experience for players of all ages and levels of play!   For more information and to register, click here.The St. Louis Lions 2015 Summer Camp is a wonderful opportunity for youth players to train with future professionals! It’s a lot of fun for the campers to get to know the players, who are coaching them, and th
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May 7, 2015

There’s No Such Thing as a “Simple” Ankle Sprain
Ankle sprains are some of the most common injuries that affect athletes. A sprain is caused by injury to a ligament, or a band of tissue that connects a bone to a bone. (A strain doesn’t happen to a ligament—it happens to a muscle or a tendon, a piece of tissue that connects a muscle to a bone.) Ligaments in the ankle help to keep the joint stable, so a sprain can be a serious issue, especially in an athlete.

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