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HS Boys Tryout Info


Saturday, November 22, 2014 at 2:00pm outside.

*If the weather does not allow for the use of the outdoor fields they will train Sunday, November 23 from 9:00 to 11:00am indoor.

For more information visit the HS Boys pages U15/16 pageU17/18 page

Celebrating 20 Years!




The Tony Glavin Soccer Club has just completed its 20th year of tryouts with a record turnout! If you are an interested player, please use the contact form on your age group page, which can be found under the club tab above. Coaches do their best to respond to all new player inquiries within 48 hours. Thank you!

Field Status

Indoor Facility

Updated: November 14, 2014

  • The Indoor Complex is Open. 

Outdoor Fields  

  • The Outdoor fields are closed for the season. 

Local Weather


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October 5, 2014

The following players have earned these awards:

U10 Boys

Gabe Shinn – 80

U10 Girls

Maya Dowdy – 25

Sarah Pisarell – 63

Jenna Skeetens – 33

U11 Boys

Nathan Hoening – 13

Carson Nurenberger – 84

Joey Papa – 34

Garrett Reeves – 11

U11 Girls

Vada Akers – 62

Summer Anderson – 103

Kendall Fieste – 37

Alicia Gilliam – 256

Alexa Hoppe – 107

Abby Jordan – 556

Olivia Pinzke – 83

Lydia Strasser – 103

Jenna Woijeck – 53

Jordyn Bailey – 75

Katie Krech – 94

Erin Ihrig – 25

Megan Labarge – 27

Larissa Lee – 119

Priyanka Mahadev – 49

Gracie Weinhold – 41

U12 Boys

Max Pinkerton – 28

U13 Girls

Rachel Achelpol – 26

Emma Alkire – 26

Alexis Betlach – 27

Kaci Bergman – 10

Olivia Black – 10

Caitlyn Brown – 101

Paige Butterfield – 286

Tori Dobbins – 25

Mackenzie Gibbons – 16

Reagan Gould – 26

Sydney Hilker – 16

Sara Ihrig – 41

Maggie James – 23

Genevieve Johnson – 360

Edya Karolczack – 53

Emma Keevan – 91

Emma Lawrence – 37

Claudia Parvis – 252

Faith Robinson – 11

Claire Sullivan – 10

Claire Taylor – 12

Grace Taylor – 25

Maddie Thompson – 16

Kaitlyn Weinrich – 303

Morgan Williams – 33

U14 Girls

Abi Dew – 28

Paige Schwartz – 34

U15 Girls

Kerry Bruno – 25

Caitlin Fleming – 93

Chloe Hall – 25

Hayley Hickerson – 110

Caroline Neal – 42

Lauren Ottomeyer – 35

Hannah Schlogl – 136

Grace Wright – 162


  • Sat 11/221:00 PM
    Tony Glavin Black
    Tony Glavin White
    U9 B
  • Sun 11/232:00 PM
    Tony Glavin Green
    Tony Glavin White
    U9 B
  • Sun 11/233:00 PM
    MO Rush - Azul
    Tony Glavin Black
    U9 B
  • Sun 11/234:00 PM
    Tony Glavin White
    Tony Glavin Green
    U10 B
  • Mon 11/245:00 PM
    WC Lightning
    K&1st B
  • Mon 11/246:00 PM
    Blues SC
    Express 2000 SC
    K&1st B
  • Mon 11/247:00 PM
    Tony Glavin Green
    U9 B
  • Mon 11/248:00 PM
    West Ham&Cheese
    U14 B
  • Tue 11/255:00 PM
    Norco Quinones
    Tony Glavin White
    U9 G
  • Tue 11/256:00 PM
    Tony Glavin Black
    Norco Hellmann
    U9 G
  • Tue 11/257:00 PM
    MO Rush - Azul
    Tony Glavin Green
    U9 B
  • Tue 11/258:00 PM
    TG Green
    TG Black
    U14 B
  • Thanksgiving Tournament Schedule is Posted!
    We'd like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Good Luck at the tournament! Click here for the tournament schedule. Registration is now closed.Join Us November 24-30, 2014 for our Annual Indoor, Thanksgiving Tournament! Entry Fee is $175 per team.No games will be played on Thanksgiving.And December 27, 2014 – January 4, 2015 for our Annual Indoor, Christmas Tournament! Only $150 if you participate in our Thanksgiving tourney too!Our Holiday Tournaments offer great opportunities for qu
  • Dr. Pepper Indoor Developmental program!
    Ages 4 & Up!  Players train with Tony Glavin!  No experience necessary!Accepting players for sessions 2 and 3!Session 2 began October 20th! We have a limited number of spots still open for session 2. Fee will be pro-rated for joining late. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!Now Accepting players for Session 3! Space is limited. Reserve your spot today! NEW this year:  Outdoor & Indoor Sessions available!  OUR NEW OUTDOOR SESSION IS A HIT!THANK YOU TO ALL YOU HAVE JOINED US!Dr. Pepper sessions
     U6-U14, BOYS & GIRLS! JOIN US INDOORS THIS FALL & WINTER!   Players have Twice as much time on the field as they do at our Competitors! Cost per minute is $1.75 vs our competitor at $3.00 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER & FOR MORE INFORMATION
  • Join Us for our Christmas Tourney!
    We are looking for U6-U14 teams, Boys & Girls! Register Online Today!And December 27, 2014 – January 4, 2015 for our Annual Indoor, Christmas Tournament! Only $150 if you participate in our Thanksgiving tourney too!No games will be played on Christmas.Our Holiday Tournaments offer great opportunities for quality competition. The smaller sided games will allow for players to gain valuable experience on the ball as well as the opportunity to practice their touches and skill moves in pres
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Shin Splints or Stress Fracture?

This is a common question that comes up with athletes who are training in any sport. Shin splints can affect anyone who does a lot of running, from marathoners to soccer players, and it is one of the most common ailments I see in my office. Click here to read more…

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