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Super Bowl Squares are back!

You don’t want to miss out on the fun. This football pool is totally pure luck and requires no skill or knowledge of the teams that will play in the big game on February 4th.

In order to participate here is what you do:

  • Go to the concession stand at the club and purchase a square (or more than one if you like) for $10 a square.
  • Write your name and contact information (name/email &/or phone number) in the notebook log so that if you win your prize will reach you.
  • Get the pen (a certain pen) from the concession stand staff and then write your name in the square of your choice.
  • Return the pen to the concession stand staff.
  • Then wait until the board is full and numbers are drawn. A photo of the board once completed will be emailed out to all that participate.
  • Watch the big game to see if you win. 

The team names will be filled out on the board once known who is playing in the game.

The board is completed once the board is full or sales end (which ever happens first). Numbers 0-9 are placed in a basket and drawn at random to be placed in the columns which give each person their numbers for the games.

Prizes: will be paid out at the end of 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter and end of game. This is a fundraiser as well, so half the money will be kept by the club and half will be paid out to the winners. The money raised by this fundraiser will go to the St. Louis Lions PDL and WPSL teams for their upcoming season.

Some additional explanation of Super Bowl Squares for those that have not played.

Drawing the numbers: Once the grid is full, you will then draw the numbers that will represent the last digit in each team’s score. Numbers are not drawn until grid is full to keep it fair and equal for all as we all know there are some numbers that are more likely to win than others. The easiest way to draw is to place the numbers 0 through 9 in a hat and draw them out one at a time, writing the top row of numbers (AFC first), working your way from left to right. Then place the numbers back in the hat and draw again for the left column (NFC) working from top to bottom.

Winning Squares: The winning squares are determined by using the last digit of each team’s score at the end of the quarter.

Example: The score at the end of the first quarter is AFC 10-NFC 14, you would find the number 0 (last digit of 10) in the top row and the number 4 (last digit of 14) in the left hand column. Follow those numbers to see which square they interest and that person’s name is the winner of that quarter. You follow the same procedure for the next 3 quarters. A common question arises “what if the game goes to OT, is it end of 4th quarter score or end of game score?” The answer for our pool is that it is end of game score. So the pay outs happen at end of 1st quarter, end of 2nd quarter, end of 3rd quarter and end of game.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thanks, Kathy Lorimier



Hello parents, 

As some of you may be watching the Football Playoffs I wanted to touch bases with you and let you know how our Football Mania fundraiser went this fall. 

We raised a total of $6643.00 with the tickets sold. 

We ended the season with 18 winners receiving prizes totaling $775

We thank all of you for your support in the fundraising efforts as it helps in club improvements. 

Looking ahead we are planning a Dodge Ball tournament on February 3rd, Super Bowl Squares will be out at the club once we know the teams that will advance and In the Spring a Trivia Night. Stay tuned for those details to be released. 

Thanks for being part of the Glavin Family and Supporting our Soccer Home. 

Kathy Lorimier









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