Facility Guidelines when visiting our Club


This weekend we welcome SLYSA teams to our complex and we want everyone to have an enjoyable time.

 We have listed a few guidelines put in place from MYSA and we are asking everyone to please follow the rules. 

Tony Glavin Soccer Complex: COVID-19/Facility guidelines with MYSA guidelines.

  • Masks are required by all spectators and coaches and referees while on site.
  • Masks are also required by all players when no game is being played.
  • Due to the locations of the fields spectator areas may be limited. Please keep in mind social distance and facility rules of where spectators are allowed.
  • Spectators must stay a minimum of 10 feet from the field as well as maintain a minimum of 6 feet from other family groups.

Only one player per team should be sent as captain for coin toss prior to the game. No hand shaking allowed any time before, during or after game play.

  • Game officials should consider the use of disposable gloves when checking player and coach registration cards.
  • The use of face masks by game officials is recommended when they are not on the field
  • The use of face masks by coaches is recommended when they are not on the sidelines.
  • Team bench areas shall always be kept clean with any additional gear stowed during game play. Benches must be left clean and neat after game with no exceptions.
  • All players, coaches and game officials must each have their own, labeled, hydration bottle. Sharing bottles is NOT permitted at any time.
  • Players on the bench during game play should be distanced from one another as much as possible. Non players should not be in the bench area at any time.
  • Parents/guardians should check the temperature of players at home before attending a game. Players should not attend games with temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater, persistent cough, or other indications of not being well and healthy
  • The coach should make the following inquiries before the game of all players (as a group is acceptable)
  • Is anyone running a temperature?
  • Does anyone have a persistent cough?
  • Does everyone feel well & healthy?
  • Player participation should be based on the answers to these questions.
  • Players should maintain social distancing during coaching conversation and should be encouraged promptly after games. Post-game talks shall be done away from the bench areas and be brief.

It is suggested that all coaches wear face masks when not directly involved with coaching.

All balls should be sanitized before each use.

Only coaches should handle equipment (cones, goals, etc) and these should be sanitized after use.

It is recommended that players not share pinnies or any other equipment that is not sanitized between uses.

We thank you for following the guidelines set in place and appreciate your cooperation while visiting our complex.

*Please note that our Pavilion is closed during this time and no pets are allowed.

* No smoking on our fields

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