FootBall Mania is back!

It's that time of year again...."Fun"raiser with Football Mania. 
Football Mania is one our biggest, easiest and MOST FUNraisesr of the year!!!! 
This is a very popular fundraiser and sells itself.  I'm sure some of you have already had folks ask you when you will have your tickets available.  You can purchase a ticket online right now at







Paper Tickets will be available within the week.

Last year, approximately 60% of our winners were from online ticket buyers!

What is Football Mania????

FM is a sweepstakes fundraiser based on the Professional Football Season. Those who participate can win money each week based on their teams total points scored.  We sell the tickets for $20.00/piece and the club earns 70% of the profit.  Just think, the average person pays more than $20.00 for just their own office polls each season. 

(The recipient of the ticket has access to 1000s of music and book downloads on Charity Mania’s website as well).



Paper Tickets will be available within the next week.  Look for emails with information.  

Online tickets can be purchased RIGHT NOW.....Follow this link and email to all your friends, family and co-workers:


How does this work: 

On the back of the ticket, there is a box for EACH week of the football season.  Within each box are 3 teams for that designated week.  Those are your teams.  Each week they change.  And each week you have another chance to win cash prizes.  Each week you have a chance to win between $25 and $400.  To see a sample ticket, click here:


This is a FUN fundraiser for All!!!  Folks are already calling to ask for their ticket for this season. 


How do you know if you won you ask???

1)      Register your ticket online at

2)      Check scores on the website or download the FREE iphone app. 

3)      The club is notified of all winners and paid by check as soon as the money is deposited into the club\'s account.