Putting your Safety First

Story by Joe Lyons and the St. Louis Post Dispatch/Photo Credit-Bill Barrett

The spring is typically the busiest time of year for Tony Glavin. But this year was not typical for anyone.

Dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, Glavin and most everyone else have been biding their time for the past few months.

“Very challenging times,” said Glavin, a 62-year-old from Scotland whose professional soccer career was highlighted by scoring 157 goals in 153 games during a seven-year stint with the St. Louis Steamers of the Major Indoor Soccer League. “Early on, it seemed like the rules for dealing with the pandemic were changing and sometimes that was confusing. I’m not trying to be critical; it just takes time to get all this figured out. But now, it feels like we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, that hopefully we’re through the worst of it — the not knowing.

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