With Dry Leaves and Cool Weather-We Move Indoors


Fall is here and as it starts to cool down and sunsets become beautiful shades of orange & yellow that can only mean it's time for our club to move indoors. We want to ensure everyone that we are working diligently towards a safe and comfortable atmosphere and experience for all who walk through our doors.

Here are a few reminders when we move inside:  Masks must be worn by everyone who enters our club .

We will adjust times to allow for cleaning between team games or practices. We ask that unless you are the first game/practice of the day to please wait outside until the employee cleans and previous team exits the facility. This small gesture will keep groups from congregating inside the club and will help maintain proper social distance.

At this time we can hold a MAXIMUM of 28 spectators and we continue to work and make arrangements towards growing that number. There are 12 tables with 2 chairs and 2 separate areas with only 2 chairs for seating, no table. 

WATER Bottles may be brought in as long as it is clearly labeled and it must be kept with the parent/guardian at the table. This is set in place to keep water bottles from being grouped together on the indoor field and a player grabbing the wrong one. No bags or other items may be brought to the indoor field, we ask that those are also kept at your table. 

We will continue to update with any changes to the guidelines and we greatly appreciate the support and understanding everyone has shown during these challenging times.

We are glad you chose TGSC as your soccer club and family!