Celebrating 25 years!!!

Tony Isn’t just the owner of the club, he is a man who knows every child’s name, who practices what he preaches, who is involved with each and every team, and makes sure you still remember the fun in the sport. Tony Glavin Picnic to kick off another year!

Thank you to everyone who joined us today!
We would 💚 to see your pictures from the club picnic. Be sure to share and tag us in them!

"How often do coaches and staff go an extra mile to host something ~ and even BBQ ~ for families? Or that your kids get to field shots off a former pro player? (He went easy on them...and of course he didn’t!) We had a great time yesterday at a picnic celebrating the 25th anniversary at Tony Glavin Soccer Club. (Only 2 other select soccer organizations have been around in St. Louis for this long!) So much dedication, energy, patience, time and flexibility goes into coaching and working with kids and their families. I’ve never seen the coaches and staff at TGSC give any less. And how Tony knows every player’s name and remembers each kid’s family will never cease to amaze me. True leadership and heart. Steve & I appreciate the coaching, mentoring, opportunities, friendships and atmosphere our girls and family have experienced there and I can’t wait for the year ahead for both of our girls! #2 #5 #soccergirlz" TGSC Parent 

Glavin's Green & White